Copenhagen’s Government is going to introduce a new Law for the Rental Services

Copenhagen’s Government new Law for the Rental Services

Airbnb is an online community and a well-known marketplace that connects the local residents with the travelers. Its main goal is to facilitate the cultural exchanges, provide unique travel experiences, and promote the ideas of the sharing economy. The company is expanded in major cities and small towns around the globe. Anyone in this world can become an Airbnb host by creating an online profile and a listing. The photos and the descriptions of their house, apartment or castle are posted on Airbnb’s website.

They have full control over their availability using an online calendar. The house owners can also set their own price per day and can arrange special deals with the travelers. The online posting lists the comforts that each owner offers like the food items, wifi-connection, household things etc. The host frames their own rules and regulations for the travelers staying in their homes.

The Airbnb guests search for the places to stay based on the price, room type and also the number of guests. The guests can access Airbnb on their laptop or mobile device, making it a platform for the travelers. After each rental period ends, the owners and hosts are encouraged to review one another. The company uses an internal mechanism to promote safety and security for the guests and owners in order to abolish the bad users.

Major Segments defining Airbnb’s Business Model



The Hosts are the people who own property and want to make some money by renting out their available space. They also can create a listing for their property on Airbnb, add property details and set their own rent, check-in, check-out time etc.  The Hosts can accept or reject a booking after reading the reviews of the traveler or after going through the social profiles.


Copenhagen’s Government new Law for the Rental Services

The Travelers are the people who book the listed available spaces from the local hosts. They have also the option to search for a property by filtering them according to the rent, comfort provided, location etc. The company has a major connection of professional photographers in all major cities of the world whose job is to go to the particular location and click high-quality photographs of the property. The high-quality photographs get more responses and these professional photographers are paid by Airbnb directly.

Value Proposition and Customer

Airbnb is a community-based, dual-sided online platform that facilitates the process of booking private living spaces for the travelers. On the other side of the coin, it also enables the owners to list their space and earn rental money. It also facilitates the travelers’ easy access to renting the private homes. Personal profiles as well as rating and reviewing system provide data about the owner and also other offer details. Vice versa, hosts have their own freedom to rent out their space to.

Mission and Core values

Airbnb is more than an affordable traveling accommodation place. It aims to enable the travelers to feel at their own homes by building connections with local hosts, gaining access to distinctive spaces and civilization of their destinations. The company operates as a transaction facilitator between the owners and the guests who are looking for a comfortable stay at the cheaper price. By providing the host protection insurance as well as a rating system, the platform builds trust within the community of users and lower transactions costs. Profiles and user reviews help to create reputation and trust among the folks of the emerging market.  The company receives commissions from two sources upon every booking, the owners, and the guests.

Scope of Airbnb in Future

Airbnb is already a good earning company both in name and profit and it is used to grow further. Having a presence in nearly two hundred countries across the world, it is now concentrating to further expand the daily transactions on its foundation. With a total funding of three billion dollars, the unique business model of Airbnb has even become stronger as the travelers prefer staying at an Airbnb inn rather than a hotel.

What is the important reason for Airbnb’s success?

An important reason for Airbnb’s success is its simple layout and quick start-up potential. A new Airbnb host can prepare a listing within few minutes. This creates a dedicated factor that the regulator must think when they regulate Airbnb. On the other side of the flip, the regulators can kill Airbnb activity by forcing the hosts to obey the process of permitting and licensing. The regulators also have an interest in preserving the norms of health and safety regulations.

How are the Hosts provided with Security?

In order to provide the hosts with greater certainty and security, the company has established its own internal mechanisms to help the hosts and guests in case of damage, theft, or unsafe conditions. The Airbnb’s self-implemented regulation is not enough because it does not address compliance with health and safety standards. To address this uncertainty, some communities have severely limited Airbnb use within their boundaries. Others have attempted to institute the regulations that diminish the harms caused by Airbnb while maintaining its benefits.

What are the Drawbacks?  

Airbnb has faced legal and logistical challenges; on a larger scale, some people argue that Airbnb subjects entire communities to danger by creating hotels in the residential areas, which exposes families and children to a flow of the third-parties. These opponents also blame the company for aggravating the housing shortages in high-demand areas. The Competitors also quotes about Airbnb hosts concealing assessment of occupancy, hotel and other taxes associated with transient lodging.

Danish Hotels are threatened by Airbnb?

The fact is that the online rental platform has attracted the new tourists all over the world. More tourists visit the country because in general, the folks travel more than they used to and many have different preferences for the locations to stay. It was reported that the number of sold rental homes has increased by thirteen percent since Airbnb entered the Danish Market in the year 2008. Since Airbnb entered the field, it has expanded tremendously and reached a market value of one hundred and thirty-three billion kroner, with millions of customers and landlords using the online rental port. In cities like New York and Barcelona, the authorities have been taking action against the individuals and the rental companies who cheat on the taxes.



Upcoming Law in Denmark

The websites such as Airbnb that allows the tenants to rent out their homes to the tourists are illegal according to the Denmark Government, but Airbnb is against the statement. The thousands of residents who earn extra income renting their home directly using the online sites such as Airbnb may be doing so illegally. The Copenhagen city politicians have given their statements regarding with the room rental app Airbnb to impose a fact concerning on the number of days residents can rent out their apartments or villas or castles. The folks also complained that Airbnb’s arrival has led to a rental shortage in the city, because it is so much more profitable one to rent the rooms out on a daily basis on Airbnb. If a deal is reached, Copenhagen will follow the path of London and Amsterdam, where the start has already imposed the rental limits of ninety and sixty days respectively.

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