The 5 Craziest Wedding Themes

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Crazy weddings are a trend lately and this post discusses some really crazy wedding themes and banquet arrangements. Couples who love to do things differently can make a mark for a lifetime in the memories of their guests by following these 5 crazy wedding themes.

The girl and the boy have finally met and this lovey-dovey duo is all set to live their ‘happily ever after’ days. But what if they decide to go out of the way for a completely crazy nuptial day arrangement? There is a possibility for such wedding plans to spring out of nowhere because the present day couples love to do things differently. In order to cater to the needs of such a crazy duo, here are some outlandish ideas that enlist weird wedding decorations, crazy wedding themes and extreme wedding banquet arrangements. These crazy weddings have happened for real and here’s enlisting the top five craziest weddings ever!

Craziest Wedding Themes

1. A couple can go for a wedding party in a fast food outlet like KFC or McDonalds! That way one need not bother about planning a wedding banquet in advance. The guests can order from the existing menu and all that the couple has to do is pay for the bill at the end! It is a very simple and convenient idea and seems way easier than the traditional way of doing things! One can save a lot of money making this crazy idea a perfect plan for budget weddings.

In addition to it if the couple is looking for some excitement, they can include an interesting wedding cake like the one with firecrackers fitted to it! Or even an edible picture in it

2. Another crazy idea to make a wedding memorable for years is to include a crazy theme. The bride and groom can dress up like their favourite character out of a book of flick. It is a great way to surprise the audiences! If the couple does not want to keep these costumes all through the nuptial ceremony, they can do it for a brief period before the actual ceremony starts. Sports lovers can incorporate their fandom into their special day by announcing a dress code in the party where certain guests have to wear the designated dress; that is a great way to surprise the outsiders with the crazy theme party idea. One can even play their favourite sport anthem or music in the background for a more appealing effect. Doing up the decor to get the feel of the theme is also a great way to go about things. An even better idea is renting a stadium or ground for the actual ceremony!

3. Wedding decorations can be made to go over the top by having an outdoor wedding. One can choose an enthralling spot like a raging sea beach, a gigantic waterfall or a forest foot bridge for the ceremony. The beautiful destination itself becomes a part of the decor and one need not give a penny worth of time effort or thought behind doing up the decor. Thrill loving couples can gift out adrenaline rushes and gushes to their guests this way.

4. Classic lovers can have a theme party which can take their party back in time to the era of their favourite historical characters. They can hire dressed up characters like Cleopatra or Caesar who can roam around the ceremony greeting the public. Besides, the theme works better if the decor incorporates elements from the Roman era as a part of the wedding banquet. Hippie theme with music from the Yoko and Lenon days is also a great idea to go retro.

5. Lastly couples who belong to an army background can have uniformed colleagues in the crowd. If required the groom can dress up in his uniform to give out the aura of masculinity as well as display his pride and honour of being a part of the armed forces.
These are a few crazy wedding ideas and corresponding theme and decor this have also been given out. The bridal and groom get ups can be also followed to have a complete crazy themed wedding party.

Enjoying marriage parties, dreaming of looking like bride & dancing on the typical beats of Indian band baza used to be the things I Damini Berry never missed in my childhood and of course these things inspired me to search a career doing all these forever. All the time since I wake-up till I get in the bed, my mind keeps running for the things to make decoration, bride, groom, menu, lighting & music memorable to everyone participating there. With this post I would like to tell you about various types of Indina weddings themes.

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