5 Steps to Find the Best Divorce Procedure Lawyer in Newcastle

Getting divorce is a painful yet inevitable decision for incompatible married couples, especially if they have children. Divorce cases are often very complex as several sensitive matters like “who will get the custody of children?” and “how much alimony should be given?” are attached with them. Therefore, you should select a divorce Procedure lawyer very carefully, as his wit and skills will decide whether the judge gives the decision in your favor or not.

 Best Divorce Procedure Lawyer


Selecting a lawyer is more than just picking someone your friend recommended. You must do thorough research and pick the right professional for your case. A solicitor who has sufficient knowledge and experience, and is polite enough to listen to your side of the story. If you live in Newcastle, Australia, you should not face any trouble finding the right candidate to contest your case in the court of law. There are plenty of lawyers in Newcastle and by following the guidelines mentioned below, you will be able to select the right person for your divorce case.


Collect the names of the lawyers: Government officials, insurance agents and lawyers are great sources of information when it comes to finding family lawyers. Although government officials and insurance agents don’t deal with family issues like divorce, they meet lawyers quite frequently to settle different legal issues and can suggest you a few family law experts. If you know a lawyer who does not handle divorce cases, you can ask him too. He may recommend some of his really proficient colleagues.


You can also contact the state bar of Newcastle to get some recommendations. The benefit of contacting the bar council is that they will only recommend certified professionals. If you have a friend or relative who has gone through divorce, he can tell you the name of the lawyer he had hired. However, every case is different and it’s difficult to evaluate a lawyer’s performance by considering only one case. Therefore, you should meet the solicitor personally and talk with him to understand his true capability.


While interviewing and evaluating Divorce Procedure lawyers, different people give importance to different factors. Someone with low financial resources may give remuneration the most importance while a rich persona may opt for the most experienced lawyer, even if he charges thousands of dollars for contesting a case.


# Cost: As stated earlier, cost or fee is certainly a crucial factor, but you should opt for a paid first consultation just to understand if the solicitor is good enough to handle your case. Some solicitors offer free consultation, but they treat clients like mere customers and instead of discussing their strategies to solve your problem, they give you the reasons to hire them. It’s a fact that better known and better established lawyers charge more, but that does not mean they are the best. There are some skilled and experienced solicitors who charge less, only because they have not become so popular yet.


# Compatibility: Good lawyers can be old or young, can belong to different religion and be either male or female. These things have nothing to do with the ability of a lawyer. The only thing that matters is compatibility. You will share intimate details about your married life with the attorney and if you don’t feel comfortable, it can be very problematic to open up. For example, if you are a lady, you may like to choose a female lawyer because it’s easier to share the situations you had faced with your husband. She will understand the issues faster.


# Credentials: Ask the Divorce Procedure lawyer  how long he has been in this profession and how many divorce cases he has won so far. A confident and experienced lawyer can handle difficult cases efficiently. If he has published articles on law or wrote books, it’s even better as the books and articles can act as a proof of his credibility.


# Location: This is the last thing that needs to be considered. Although the location of the lawyer does not matter much, still it is better to hire someone whom you can visit within a few hours. Hiring a local lawyer is important for another reason. If the lawyer lives outside your city, you have to pay him travel costs beside the remuneration.


Once you feel that you have found the right divorce lawyer for your case, hire him immediately and get ready to win the battle with your husband or wife at the court of law.

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