How Bollywood Fashion Impacts the Overall Fashion Trends in India

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Bollywood Fashion Impacts Fashion Trends in India

The world of fashion is dynamic and forever evolving. There is no scope for any boredom or dull moment in the fashion scenario. The Mumbai-based Hindi film industry, also known as the Bollywood, has been instrumental in shaping the culture, impacting the daily life and creating the latest fashion trends in India for many decades now. Fashion trends in India are greatly inspired by Bollywood.

In all Indian weddings, you would be finding all the women looking pretty and enticing in Bollywood-inspired outfits and dancing to the tune of Bollywood music during the baraat. Bollywood fashion is dominating the fashion scene in India. Bollywood is known to have impacted popular Indian fashion since time immemorial. Any designer dress that was worn by a popular Bollywood actress or actor in any hit movie would become an instant craze for the youth in India and tailors and garment houses would be in full swing to produce the replicas.

Bollywood Movies & Fashion

Bollywood Fashion Impacts Fashion

Bollywood has always been a constant source of inspiration and passion for the fashion aficionados in India. With practically all Bollywood hit movies, there emerged a style that would be adopted blindly by numerous star-struck fans. Generally, existing trends would go for a toss as soon as some new hit movie would be on the horizon. However, some movies are never forgotten because of their never-ending and intense popularity.

Anarkali suits worn by Madhubala in Mughal-e-Azam became an instant hit then and are still very much in vogue with slight innovations made by today’s highly talented fashion designers. Kareena Kapoor’s Patiala salwar and t-shirts look from the popular movie Jab We Met became an instant hit. Outfits that are worn by Bollywood heroes and heroines become the current craze as far as the fashion circuit goes.

Everyone always tries to ape the celebrities as they wish to look mind-blowing like the celebs do. The readymade garments industry constantly manufactures outfits from hit movies in bulk quantities so that everyone could have access to the latest fashion trends. The fashion industry takes advantage of this trend by launching their unique line of jewelry and clothes in Hindi movies. Top Bollywood celebs are given the opportunity to become brand ambassadors for endorsing fashion products.

Some Bollywood Designs that Became Hot Fashion Trends

Fashion and Bollywood are known to be interdependent. Here are some fashion trends that were inspired by Bollywood designs.

Anarkali Suits

Anarkali suits are still in vogue and are hot favorites of many fashion-conscious Indian women across the globe. The quintessential Anarkali suits have come a long way from the days of Mughal-e-Azam in the year 1960. The full credit goes to Madhubala who had played the role of Anarkali in the film and worn this elaborate outfit that won the hearts of millions of fans. Fashion designers have introduced slight twists to the traditional Indian outfit to keep the current generation equally hooked on to the Anarkali suits. The floor length Anarkali suits are very much in vogue currently. Bollywood heroines like Katrina Kaif, Deepika Padukone, Aishwarya Rai, Rani Mukherjee and many others love to flaunt exquisite designer Anarkali suits.

Bobby Print

Dimple Kapadia had become a fashion icon and a heartthrob instantly with the release of the film Bobby in the year 1973. She looked sizzling in a black mini skirt that was teamed with a knotted white and black polka dot shirt. Till today in India, the polka dot is referred to as Bobby print. Bollywood designs often leave a profound impact on the minds of thousands of fashion enthusiasts in India.

Chiffon Sarees

Chiffon sarees are a hot favorite with Bollywood heroines, as well as, the average Indian women. One color plain sheer chiffon sarees became an instant hit when Sridevi wore beautiful blue chiffon in the film Mr. India and did a sizzling number from the movie. She proved that one could look really hot and desirable in a saree. Recently, this fact was proved right yet again when Priyanka Chopra looked sizzling hot in a silver gray chiffon saree in the film Dostana. She became an instant hot favorite overnight and came to be referred to as the desi girl. Designers in India are coming up with beautiful Bollywood sarees that are worn by the celebs not only in the films but also, in the Bollywood parties and get-togethers. There is a wide spectrum of mind-blowing latest Bollywood sarees India that are available online.

The Undisputed Fashion Queens of Bollywood

Bollywood fashion divas have always been influencing the fashion trends in India. The youth blindly follows their idols and wears outfits that are similar to the ones worn by the Bollywood style icons. Here are some of the top Bollywood personalities who have great poise and a fabulous sense of dressing up. They have influenced how the average modern Indian youth looks today.

Sonam Kapoor is a fashionista and is easily the best-dressed celeb in tinsel town. She carries herself with elegance and style and is equally comfortable in both Indian and Western outfits. She looks graceful and confident in whatever she wears. She is every designer’s dream model.

Kareena Kapoor possesses a perfect body and a radiant skin and looks amazing in whatever outfit she wears. She is the real style icon and the youth simply follow her style and love her. Her gowns, candy-colored dresses, minis, chiffon sarees are all hot favorites of thousands of fashion enthusiasts.

Priyanka Chopra flaunts her perfect legs by wearing short dresses and high heels. She looks stunning in the classic little black dresses. The gorgeous desi girl is now the face of a top international brand.

Deepika Padukone has great élan and looks good in simple yet elegant sarees. Thanks to her amazing height and sizzling hot body she looks incredibly sexy in all the attires she turns out in.

In India, Bollywood stars have thousands of adoring fans who create fan clubs, blindly follow their style and spend unabashedly to purchase outfits and products endorsed by their favorite style icon. Bollywood rules the fashion scenario in India.

Author Bio: Sanjana Bhaskar is a fashion designer and the owner of a boutique store for ethnic wear. She enjoys writing about recent trends, latest Bollywood sarees India, deals on e-commerce websites and a lot more. She has an impressive fan base.



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