How to send out invitations for preschool parties?

How to send out invitations for preschool parties?

Annual parties, graduation ceremonies and sports functions are conducted by almost all renowned playschools in both big and small Indian cities. These are generally biannual or annual events where kids of all age groups, teachers and sometimes even parents get wholly involved. In order to invite guests who are mostly parents to the preschool party say in a busy city like Delhi, the school or class teacher has to send out invites in advance. Despite the intention being extremely friendly, sometimes these invitations can be a blunder that might not appeal to the likings of the receiver. In order to help out play schools, especially newly established franchises or singular set ups out, here are a few useful preschool party invitation tips.

invitations for preschool parties

The invitation should never be uninformative. It should include all relevant details about time, venue, date and if possible the agenda must be included. Most established preschool franchises follow a thumb rule of including all germane details in the event invites; only then working parents in busy cities like Mumbai, Chennai and Delhi like the invite as well as make it to the gathering.

Invitations to the preschool party of a certain class must be distributed in a courteous manner because a discourteous distribution might affect the outcome of function.

Teachers can include RSVPs along with the preschool invitation. The directions must be clearly mentioned such as an email id can be provided so that parents and guests can confirm their attendance beforehand. This will help the authorities in managing décor, setup and the buffet accordingly.

Some kids are allergic to nuts and diary-products; while some families of preschoolers might be vegans or vegetarians. Hence the most appropriate way to inform them that the menu would suit their tastes is to include the menu with the invite. A small message like ‘let us know if your child has dietary restrictions’ or ‘let us know if you have any nutritional concerns’ will be informative for both parties.

All invitations must be sent out at least two weeks in advance so that parents can schedule their calendar accordingly.

The invites must be discreetly handed out or sent by post to the families directly. Emailing them on personal ids is also a great way to invite them.

After the party completes successfully, the school can send out thank you notes to everyone who attended the gathering as it is a great way to acknowledge the presence.

Preschools must pay as much attention and detail to the preschool event’s invitation as much as they would pay to the theme, décor and menu. After all it is an invite that is first seen by the receiver and only after reading it they proceed towards the event. Hence all preschools must ensure that they follow the right etiquette while sending out duly informative invites for the event at the playschool.

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