Men’s Bracelets an Vital Accessory

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If you ask me, then I have never been an admirer of trinkets on men. But the trend and fashion says that today alike women, man also follow the jewelry fashion. They love to dress themselves with bona fide bracelets, stud earrings, and the other charms.

In the recent times, we have seen that bracelets impersonation has widen into a go-to accessory for fashion-conscious men. From beaded bracelets to metal ID Bands and leather cuffs all are highly prominent in the fashion industry. A huge array is accessible to select from, for all the men who aren’t anxious to embellish their wrists confidently.

Men’s Bracelets an Vital Accessory

And of course there are such type of men also who consider wearing an ornament as a feminine concept, render impotent and complete turn to the opposite sex. But who would listen to these guys. The trend is rapidly rising with the time.

For all those men who love to adorn their wrist and want to explore the world of wrist wear, here are some of the chief styles accessible these days:


In my research, I’ve found that one bracelet style is presently pinnacle above the rest, in terms of recognition and esteem that is the beaded bracelet. From ebony version/high-end crystal to ethnic stirred wooden beads to stylish plastic style, the wealth of options are available and endow with something for every individual taste.

Another intriguing fact is that you can easily pile a variety of styles collectively to generate a look that is entirely unique and elegant to you. The different size of beads, color and material all together can give an option to create your personal individual blend. It usually depends on your own personal choice, whether opt for colorless and enduring or bold and avowal making.

Beaded bracelets are versatile enough to adapt a various looks. For instance, grayscale and black beads will bestow with smart, tailored outfit look and wooden adaptation give natural, al fresco allure to tradition ensembles.


Men already wear leather on their wrist in the form of watch straps, so a leather bracelet is maybe not such a big hurdle and possibly vaguely more alluring, particularly for those who are going to take their first timid steps into the jewelry world.

The one advantage it has is that it holds a sagacity of masculinity. Leather as a material is also mull over as relatively high-status. If you look at the size and style, leather bracelet can keep an intellect of formality at the same time as appearing wicked and seditious.

For instance, dark brown or black leather can be well suited with the personalized look without raucous and similarly, a broad leather cuff could be worn with casual apparel for a more cool and edgy look.


Especially the ID bracelets symbolize the most masculine wrist wear preference, chiefly owing to their military implication. It expresses a belief of sophisticated rebellion with their smooth and shiny appearance. As the metal bracelets are quite idiosyncratic, they are best to worn as solo piece. So it’s advisable to wear it on solo hand instead of one which already carries the weight of your watch.

Else in the last, it’s important to wear anything with confidence and in case of metal bracelet, work under the notion of less is more.


It is another type of men’s bracelet, which is steadily uprising in popularity. The good and foremost thing about these bracelets is that the fabric or stuff used is relatively cheap as compared to other bracelets. And the huge array of bright color makes it more demanding amongst the boys.

You can even combine it with leather or beaded bracelet, to give a classy and colorful look to your appearance and else it all depends according to your preference.

One of the interesting fact I found, in my research, that after beads, woven bracelets are mull over as second choice in popularity. And it is worn by all from a young age boy to lane style muse or even by more mature proficient.

Last Saying:

So I’ve finally proof that men’s bracelet can be mull over as a stylish and trendy chunk. It is an accessory preference for the modern men.

Of course, in everything there will always be critics and worrywart but, the fact is that, a controversy always seems to increase the reputation and recognition of a trend.

About the author: This blog is written by, Akanksha Singh- who keeps try to find out about new trend and fashion. In her research she found an online jewelry store, which has whole lot to give you. The beauty and authenticity of jewelry will definitely spellbound you.

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