Scalp Micropigmentation Procedure: Hair Transplant Techniques


Many medical and psychological issues may lead to hair loss. The popular culprits that cause hair loss include male and female pattern baldness. No matter what causes hair loss, those affected go through a lot trying to cope or hide hair loss effects. Thanks to medical advancements, there are several ways to treat and reduce hair loss effects. 

Today, we will focus on scalp micropigmentation as a procedure to reduce the effects of hair loss. Through an intricate tattoo done on the scalp, scalp micropigmentation or SMP is not meant to restore hair by making it grow. Instead, it creates an illusion of real hair, making the area affected by hair loss appear to have thick hair. It is almost the same as the microblading procedure, which is done in the brow area. The techniques of administering these two procedures are also different. In microblading, the doctor will use a manual blade since the brow region’s skin is not so thick. In SMP, the surgeon uses a powerful tattoo device to penetrate the thick scalp skin. 

The SMP treatment is done quickly and is pain-free contrary to what many people think because the doctor performing it will apply local anesthesia. 

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What is scalp micropigmentation?

Scalp micropigmentation is a medical procedure that doesn’t require surgery to reduce the effects of hair loss. It involves injecting pigment in the scalp area affected by hair thinning, not to restore hair but to make it appear as if the hair is growing. It is an effective hair loss treatment procedure that is meant for:

  • Hiding scars from a hair transplantation procedure
  • Covering scars from burns
  • Tacking skin conditions such as alopecia 
  • Reduce the effects of male pattern baldness

During the SMP procedure, the patient won’t feel any pain. However, there might be some discomfort, which varies from patient to patient. Some people who have undergone these procedures say that the procedure is relaxing. Others describe the experience as having small pins pricking the scalp. 

Does the SMP Procedure Last? 

SMP is regarded as a permanent solution to hair loss. However, you will have to do some maintenance and touch-ups to make it last a lifetime. Several factors affect touch-ups, including the patient’s immune system and sun exposure. While some people do touch-ups after every six years, others will need touch-ups after every three years. 

How Much Does Scalp Micropigmentation Cost? 

SMP offers the simplest and permanent to get rid of hair loss. The cost of having this procedure is on the higher end, but the benefits will last a lifetime. You will get instant results and will not have to worry about the stigma that comes with losing hair anymore. Having an SMP procedure starts at £400 and goes up to around £2,500. Since clinics perform the scalp micropigmentation procedure, you will know the exact price a doctor is offering after consultation. 

Does scalp micropigmentation give instant results? 

From the first session, the results of SMP will start showing. In all routine treatments done from SMP, three sessions are needed. In some instances, there might be some redness that will be seen. This is quite normal, and the redness will disappear several hours after the treatment. 

How Does One Maintain SMP? 

Once the procedure is done, the client needs to refrain from exercise that causes heavy sweating. The scalp needs to remain dry all the time for a few days. The patient can wash or shave hair after four days. The scalp also needs to be moisturized daily. Direct sunshine should also not be good for the treatment, and the patient needs to apply high factor sun creams. Maintaining the scalp’s condition improves the pigment and the overall looks. 

Is the SMP Procedure Best for Everyone?

Any person who is above the age of 18, whether male or female, can have an SMP procedure. However, before the doctor performs this procedure, he or she needs to examine the patient first to see whether there are preexisting health conditions that may affect the treatment. The condition may either be permanent or temporal. 

Does Scalp micropigmentation Need Credentials? 

To get the best results from SMP, the person performing the procedure treatment needs to be highly qualified. Before opting for the SMP procedure, check first whether it is a professional and has all the skills and experience needed to conduct the procedure. The doctor needs to have undergone proper training for the highest qualification, which is level 4 Standards. The doctor also needs to hold a full practitioner’s insurance. You can request to see these papers first before consultation. 


Since scalp micropigmentation affects your appearance and sometimes health, you need the best practitioner to do it. This will reduce the risks that involve tattoos, such as infections, scarring, and allergies. 

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