Skin Care with Proactiv

Daily exposure to dust, pollution and sun hampers the skin. Many times, it leads to skin tanning, blemishes, dark spots and other related issues. Incomplete combustion of the fuel in the vehicles also leads to the development of harmful gases like carbon monoxide. This in turn can cause severe skin related problems. These critical issues can be easily tackled with the regular application of Proactiv products.

The 3-step Proactiv system contains powerful ingredients and botanicals to treat the skin. With active constituent like Benzoyl Peroxide, the acne formation in the future is controlled. It kills the acne-causing bacteria. The soothing essentials present in the product, like Allantoin Panthenol, Aloe and Chamomile acts as a 3-step treatment for the skin. These hydrate your skin and leave it healthy.


Skin Care with Proactiv

All Proactiv products are alcohol-free and oil-free. It helps revitalise the skin from within, thus making it glowing and fresh. It has a range of products that deal with different skin-related issues. These products are suitable for all skin-types, therefore making it a universal compact kit to treat the skin. You can easily benefit from this product by using it daily for feeling the difference yourself.

Treating the blemishes after they breakout is hectic. Proactiv products are created specifically to cure the skin of acne and pimples and control its future growth. It ‘pro-actively’ fights the acne germs and prevents further development. It is a great blend of medicine and skin-care agents that rejuvenate the skin.

Proactiv products must be used daily. The application of the products at the beginning of the day can keep your skin healthy and glowing. They help protect the skin from pollution and dust. On the other hand, the use of the Proactiv kit at night will help the skin to relax and revitalise. Let’s take a look at the Proactiv kit essentials.


The cleanser is oil-free and acts as a medicated exfoliating agent. It kills the bacteria and penetrates the pores fast. The tiny, round beads remove the impurities to help prevent clogged pores. Massage the renewing cleanser all over the face and affected skin areas for two to three minutes. Rinse the skin thoroughly with water and pat dry.


The Glycolic acids present in the toner helps clear the dead skin cells, giving you a refreshed and refined skin. Gently apply the revitalising toner with a cotton pad or ball. Do not rinse the face after using the toner.

Repairing lotion

This lotion fights existing pimples and does not allow the growth of new pimples. You can take a small amount on the fingertips and apply a thin layer over the skin. Let it dry and do not rinse immediately.

Skin treatment is a simple process with the regular use of these Proactiv products. You can now feel the difference and create an exceptional look with an acne-free skin. Grab the Proactiv solution kits and give your skin a revitalising treatment.

Excessive dust and pollution is the primary cause of skin related problems. Unavoidable situations like travelling and daily make-up builds up the condition for pimple growth. Clogged skin pores are the breeding grounds for pimples. The 3-step Proactiv solutions will hydrate your skin and help it to revitalise. Regular use of Proactiv products helps your skin to rejuvenate, making it bright and pimple-free.

Proactiv products are specially designed for solving skin related issues. They are formulated with active ingredients like Benzoyl Peroxide, which helps prevent pimple formation. It kills the active pimple-causing bacteria. All the Proactiv products are alcohol and oil-free. They are suitable for the entire face and neck, shoulders, back and chest. With soothing botanicals like Allantoin, Aloe and Chamomile, this product leaves your skin pimple-free and healthy.

Pimple growth is the growing problem that is seen in most of the teenagers, males and females across the globe. It is a proven fact that pimples are a major concern and widespread today. Proactiv products simplify your skin related problems, making your skin flawless and glowing. It treats the pimple issue and stops its growth. So, you can experience a revitalised and clear skin.

Use Proactiv products the right way!

Pimples can be easily treated with Proactiv products. The brand provides multiple options to suit your skin type. Daily use of Proactiv solutions will deliver the best results for your skin.

Use the renewing cleanser to clear the skin pores. Apply a small amount by massaging it on the face and affected skin areas. Rinse it thoroughly after two to three minutes. The revitalising toner will help the skin to hydrate. It will remove the excessive oil from the face and exfoliate the skin. Apply it with a cotton ball and avoid rinsing it. Finally, use the repairing moisturiser that has been made to fight against pimple causing agents. The lotion is an invisible medicated cream and acts as an anti-microbial.

Pimples develop under the skin surface over a period. The Proactiv skin treatment products are specially made to fight these blemishes before they break-out. It protects the skin from pimple growth, thus giving you a fair and clean complexion.

An accurate and regular use of the Proactiv kits will help repair your skin and kill the pimple-causing germs. Skin related problems can be treated easily with Proactiv solutions. It is efficiently produced with ingredients that help the skin to improve. Proactiv is the most preferred treatment all over the world, offering ways to prevent pimples. Treat your skin with high-quality Proactiv solution products and feel the difference. Many people across nations have experienced a change in their skin with this product. Use Proactiv and give your skin a healthy surprise.


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