Superstitions and Interior Decoration:

 Why Superstitions and Interior Decoration Occurs?

A quote by Johann Wolfgang von Goethe “Superstition is the poetry of life”, tells us why people somehow like believing in superstitions. Though many of us would know that dropping of a piece of cloth does not in any way gives a telepathic message to a loved one to visit us, but it is a want or wish to believe in something and hope that it really happens. Poetry is all about balance and so are the superstitions in a way. Between all the proven scientific research and established norms of life or law of physics, superstitions gives a balance in believing for something which has not been proven, but it is by chance only.

SuperstitionsEvery culture and religion has its own share of superstitions. Here we will be going through few of those superstition and interior decoration in light of those superstitions.

Christmas Decoration and Superstitions:

Christmas is the one biggest event celebrated by the majority. It marks the birth of the Christ and the star Sirius, also knows as god star and star of Bethlehem.  Superstations linked to Christmas are basically of bringing bad luck and evil forces into one’s home. To avoid these things following things are observed strictly by many.

  • To make the evil forces stay away, home’s exterior and interiors were decorated on the Christmas eve
  • The trees to be decorated were not brought in the house before 24th of December.
  • Tree are to be erected and decorated only after children have gone to sleep or to their beds.
  • A pickle shaped ornament was hidden in the Christmas tree decoration and the kid finding it gets a special present.
  • A Christmas candle is lit in a window to show good look the path to enter for the whole coming year.
  • Mistletoe is hung to provide protection from witchcraft, epilepsy and infertility.
  • Red haired men are considered to bring bad luck.
  • Christmas evergreens that are brought home from the church are thought to bring good luck and are usually hung in the house to bring good fortune all around the year.
  • All the decorations including Christmas tree and any canvas art images relating to the event’s decoration are to be taken down on the 12th day of Christmas Eve.

Chinese Wedding Decoration and Superstitions:

  • Red color is used everywhere in Chinese weddings. The Brides dress is usually red and so is her scarf. The same red color theme is used for lanterns, candles and double happiness sign. Red color is believed to have power to fight off any evil. Since red is also associated with sun, it is thought to have great power of life and fire. It is said to bring happiness and good luck to both bride and groom.
  • Double happiness is a Chinese character for happy which is two times. The character is cut from a red paper of any material. It is placed at many places so that bride and groom and see them as much as they can to bring them good luck and happiness.
  • Phoenix and dragon are used as a yin and yang metaphor, like bride and groom. They represent the two halves joining to form one with unity.

About the Author: Ali Syed is an informative writer, who writes about depth of home décor and works for photo printing New Zealand Company for interior and exterior decoration.


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