Which Type of Romantic Flower Should You Give on Anniversary?


Marriage is a sacred union between two people who love each other very much. The two have fallen in love and want to spend the rest of their lives together. That is why they tie their wedding notes before witnesses as each year goes by, the couple marks and celebrates their wedding anniversary. This is a perfect time to reflect on their marriage and share their thoughts on making it better. A wedding anniversary can also be a milestone of 5, 10, 15, 30, 50, or even 100 years in marriage. Couples who are privileged to celebrate these milestones do it in style by exchanging romantic flowers and gifts.

So, what type of flowers make impressive wedding anniversary gifts? The answer to this question is that it depends on how many years the couple has stayed in the marriage. It also depends on the milestone the couple is marking. Whatever you do, it is important to remember and send gifts to your partner if you are not living together due to work and other unavoidable issues. Even if you live together, you can surprise your loved spouse by sending romantic flowers to their office or workplace. Cosmea Gardens is the right flower delivery to partner with if you want to send unique gifts. Here are some of the best anniversary flowers to send on an anniversary. 


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The first anniversary is special and requires special romantic flowers to celebrate it. The best type of blooms to send to your spouse on your first anniversary are carnations. They are used as floral gifts for the first year of marriage because they represent young and passionate love. You just got married a year ago, and you are still trying to figure one another out. In the honeymoon phase, the first year should be celebrated with red carnations as anniversary floral gifts. Carnations come in many different hues, and you can go for red carnations or mix different hues in a wedding anniversary bouquet. 


In the second year of marriage, the couple now understand each other very well in terms of strengths and weaknesses. The honeymoon phase has ended, and it is now time to sober up and focus on building your marriage. If you are celebrating your second year of marriage, the best kind of flowers to send to your spouse are the cosmos. The love is still young and needs growth, and the cosmos help convey the intense beauty that the couple sees in each other.


Making it to the third year of marriage is a great achievement since most marriages hardly see their second year. The third year in marriage means that the couple has established a strong foundation to make their marriage last forever. Sunflowers are perfect 3rd-anniversary flowers due to their sturdy stems that symbolize strength. Sunflowers always face the sun, and in marriage, it symbolizes the challenges that the couple has already conquered and the dreams and wishes they want to accomplish in life together. They also convey a bright future. 


Marking the fourth year in marriage shows that the couple was meant to be. They are now soul mates since they are bound together in body, mind, and soul. These romantic flowers convey the coming together of two individuals in mind, body, and soul. 


Do not mistake these flowers as simple because they are structured uniquely, and everyone loves them. In the fifth year, the couple especially celebrates an anniversary because this is a milestone for them. For these reasons, daisies will make perfect romantic flowers to send or give to your partner. You are now officially stuck up together, and you have accepted it. Daisies come in many hues, and the best color is red for what the couple is yet to discover about one another. Sending daisies convey fidelity and everlasting love. 


The 10th anniversary is also a milestone. This anniversary also needs special kinds of flowers, such as the vibrant daffodils. Although these flowers look very small individually, arranging them in a bouquet makes them look like one huge bloom. They show that you have accepted to come together as one to build your marriage life.


What God has put together, no man shall separate. Marriage is divine, and the couple needs to embrace this if they want to stay together for long. You can get all of these anniversary flowers at CosmeaGardens.com. 

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