7 foods for a more healthy skin

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Most people want a healthy, spotless, wrinkle free skin: others just do not care how their skin looks like.  We use lotions and other mixtures on our skin to achieve our desired looks, but the right foods are just as important. This article highlights some of the locally available foods that help you have a healthy skin.


Avocados are a source of healthy fats, vitamins C and E.  The fats keep the skin flexible and moisture,  while the vitamins protects the skin from oxidative damage. The components of the avocado help protect the skin against dance from the sun’s UV rays. Some body lotions and soaps use the avocado as one of the ingredients due to its ability to maintain a healthy skin. In addition to using the lotions, eat the avocado too.

Fatty fish 

Fish such as salmon, mackerel and herring are good foods for healthy skins. They are a rich source of Omega 3 fatty acids that keep the skin supple and moisturized. A deficiency in Omega 3 causes a dry skin. Fatty fish is also a source of vitamin E which is an antioxidant for the skin. The skin’s antioxidant protects it from oxidative damage from the environment.

Fish is also a high quality source of proteins. These proteins make the structural proteins that maintain the strength and integrity of the skin. Fish also contains a mineral that is very important for a healthy skin: zinc. This mineral regulates the production of new skin cells, inflammation an the overall skin health.  Deficiency in zinc in the body causes skin lesions and delayed wound healing.

It is recommended to include more fish in your diet,  as it has a package of health benefits.

Sweet potatoes 

Sweet potatoes contain beta-carotene,  which is also found on carrots and spinach,  and other dark green vegetables. Carotenoids act as a natural sun shield thus keeping the skin healthy. Carotenoids are also an antioxidant  which protects the skin cells from sun exposure and damage.  With more intake of sweet potatoes, and/or other carotenoids, you prevent your skin from sunburns, cell death, dry skin and wrinkles.


They are a major source of vitamin C,  and all major carotenoids, especially the lycopene. The carotenoids protect the skin from the damage of the sun’s UV rays and prevents wrinkles.  Carotenoids should be paired with oils or fats like cheese since they need fat to be absorbed by the body.


This vegetable is full of vitamins and minerals important for skin health like Zinc, Vitamin A  and Vitamin C. It contains lutein, a carotenoid that works like beta-carotene. It protects the skin from oxidative damage which can cause the skin to become dry and wrinkled.

The health benefits of broccoli are many. It may even have anti-cancer effects including some types of skin cancer.



These nuts are a rich source of essential fatty acids and other nutrients necessary for the health of the skin. They contain  Omega 3 and Omega 6 fatty acids in a perfect ratio. These keep skin healthy and moisturised.

Walnuts also contain Zinc,  Vitamin C and Vitamin E,  all that are necessary for the skin to stay healthy.

Dark Chocolate 

One more reason to eat chocolate. Cocoa that makes chocolate is a high antioxidant and causes a thicker, more hydrated skin.  People who eat more chocolate regularly have softer, less scaly skin that is less sensitive to sunburns.  Cocoa also leads to better blood flow leading to more nutrients to the skin, this a more healthy skin.

Studies have shown that eating at least 20g of dark chocolate high in antioxidant regularly allows the skin to withstand UV radiation. Other studies show that eating more chocolate prevents fast wrinkles, thus keeping the skin young,  for long.

A healthy, glowy skin gives you confidence. Eat the right foods, and take care of your skin.