10 Facts You Need to Know About Beard Hair Transplant

10 Facts You Need to Know About Beard Hair Transplant

Cultural changes occur every day, but men’s love of beards is not going away anytime soon. Beards are seen to be as a status symbol, with celebs like Rick Ross adorning iconic beard. Men with little or no beard are at times shamed for it.
Luckily, a beard transplant is available to give hope to those who wish to spruce up their looks with a good-looking beard. You can have the hair transplant Los Angeles at a low cost. But before we get a bear hair transplant, let’s get some facts about hair transplants.

It may come as a surprise to many who believe that a beard transplant is the same as a facial hair transplant. Facial hair transplant includes the eyebrow hair transplant, among other types of transplant.
The surgery uses hair from the back scalp, which is uprooted and moved to where the beard should be planted. The hair has to be closely matched between the donor side and the recipient side. Small incisions are made on the face where the hair follicles are planted as seeds.

Beard Uses Hair From the Back of the Scalp

The hair for transplant is always picked from the back of the head. The donor site is the point of the head with hair that has the most resistance to balding. The shortfall of choosing this hair is that if you lose hair on the head, the same area is selected for hair transplant.
The hair is uprooted by FUE or FUT and implanted by using a smart graft. Micro-incisions are made on the face to resemble hair pores. That reduces any scarring on the face from the incisions. The sides where the hair is uprooted is hidden as it heals so no one will notice the surgery.

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Hair growth is like facial hair

Before undergoing the procedure, many are afraid that the hair from the scalp will not resemble actual beards. But in truth, surgeons take pains to ensure that the new hair is very similar to the original hair.
The surgeon also works hard to get the right amount of hair for each type of graft; for example, sideburns use between 200 to 250 grafts, mustaches need between 350 to 500 grafts, cheek beards require 300 to 700 grafts, and a full goatee takes 600 to 700 grafts.

The procedure takes a short period to compare to a head transplant

Beard graft takes a brief period, and you could be back to work in no time. However, the time per folk varies on the size of the beard to be grafted. If it fails in the first session, the surgeon can order a second session to keep you fine. 

Hair Fall offs in the first two weeks

Hair fall in the first two weeks to give room for the growth of new follicles. It is a common occurrence and should not cause alarm as the reason for the loss is shock loss. After the loss, it will take just two weeks, and a new beard starts growing.
Shock loss is not hair shedding; if the hair doesn’t regrow in three months, you see your doctor.


Grafted hair should not be shaved off in the first ten days. During this point, most of the graft is stubble. You must be ready for hair fall off in the early ten days. Don’t risk more by shaving off—some experts from hair transplant Los Angeles hair transplant.

Few side effects

Hair graft is surgery, and thus some risks come with the procedure. The risks are bruises, redness, and swelling, and at times minimal pain. Get the best result by having grafts from reputable physicians from hair transplant Los Angeles.

Expect lasting results

Once the graft is done and the hair roots start to emerge as stubble, your journey to a perfect beard is achieved. The roots of the hair will keep growing naturally for life. All you have to do is be stable for at least three months to see the results. 

The grafting is costly

From the first law of scarcity, you can expect rare items to be very costly. Well, beards grafting is a rare procedure, so when surgeons get to do one graft, they go for the kill. You don’t have to look at every action from a cost perspective but rather at the results.Well done grafting can result in a beautiful beard as well as improve confidence for many people. Considering that the results are lasting, it no wonders you should take advantage of this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

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Beard graft is a chance for people to add an aesthetic look to men’s faces. Though it has no complications, the clients may not love the look that comes with the new beard. Getting these facts will give you an upper hand when going for a beard transplant.

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