Dress Trendy and Fabulous During Chill Weather

Do you hate snow, rain and cold temperatures? We all do, but there’s a nice little silver lining that comes with chill weather—winter clothing! When the weather goes crazy, you might need to say goodbye to your flowery dresses and light t-shirts, but you can definitely welcome some other clothing items into your life. So, if you’re dreading chilly days, here’s a little guide that will help you look trendy and stay warm.

Rely on layers

During the colder months, layering is usually always the biggest trend and for all the right reasons. It’s practical and stylish, so don’t hesitate to pile on a few layers this colder season. For instance, don’t put away your skirts just yet but layer them over a warmer pair of paints (instead of light tights). A turtleneck under a sweater or shirt will also give you that layered and very runway-like look. Tuck both pieces into your high-waisted jeans and voila—you’re ready to hit the bars!

Keep your feet warm

Cool weather is the time when your footwear can really shine! So, make sure to invest in a trendy pair of boots that will keep your toes warm and provide you with the style you’re craving. While over-the-knee boots often look absolutely fabulous, they aren’t appropriate for every occasion. So, instead, choose a nice pair of ankle boots that will fit almost any outfit! From jeans and dress pants to jumpsuits and even maxi or midi skirts, stylish boots are a total must as soon as the weather turns. Plus, they can also serve as a perfect accent piece to your monochromatic outfit if you choose a crazy print like leopard or cowhide!

Experiment with textures


There’s no time like winter to experiment with bold textures like fur (faux fur, of course). So, make sure to think outside the box and give faux fur a show by matching it with other items you have in your wardrobe. Mixing your leather jacket with a fur vest is a sure way to upgrade your look and add some warmth to it. Or, you can easily invest in an accent piece like fur mittens or a fur hat that will make your outfit interesting. Fur items will instantly warm you up and give any outfit the chilly-weather vibe! Chunky knit items will also be perfectly at home during colder months, so don’t hesitate to experiment with different textures and materials.

Employ pastels

Just because the weather outside is gray and boring, it doesn’t mean your outfit also has to be extra neutral. Instead, bring some warmth to your day with a cute pastel coat that will make you shine bright like the sun! If you pair it with a more neutral sweater and some simple yet elegant ankle boots, you’ll stand out from the crowd in all the right ways.

Go crazy on accessories

Since you can have only so many different coats and boots, you’ll probably start to feel bored with your look after a few weeks. But, instead of spending money on a new coat, you can simply liven up your old wardrobe with a few accessories. For instance, your coat will look completely different with a statement belt that will cinch your waist. Or you can throw on a statement scarf on your neutral coat. Scarves have so many different uses from the classic around-the-neck styling to wearing them around your head, belting them at the waist of your coat or draping them around your shoulders.


Experiment with different styles and you’ll have a new look every day!

If you just embrace chilly weather fashion, you’ll not even think about your summer clothing. Colder months will really provide you with many new looks you didn’t even know you could pull off!