Easy And Affordable Methods To Kill Earwigs in house

Easy And Affordable Methods To Kill Earwigs in house

What are Easy And Affordable Methods To Kill Earwigs in house

Earwigs in house can create menace and give sleepless nights to many. This article discusses the various methods of control and eradication of these pests from your premises.

Earwig bugs got their name from the interesting superstition that is linked with them that they slowly creep into the ears of a sleeping human and damage the brain. Though these notions are nothing more than an old wives’ tale; the fact remains that these bugs can be quite irritating creatures as they can spoil plants inside the home and in the garden alike. The point is that they are a nuisance and disturb the peace of a household. So how does one get rid of these bugs without literally burning the house down? Here are a few tips and tricks to look into:

Earwigs in house prefer cool, damp places; and when the weather outside becomes too hot for their survival, you may often see them taking shelter into the cool corners in your house. So get rid of moist and damp corners like soppy bathroom tiles, leaked pipes, damp corners of your attic etc; which could be an easy target to these bugs for nesting purposes.

One of the most common methods used to get rid of earwigs is called the newspaper trap. You could roll a newspaper and put it in places where you anticipate that the bug may be hiding. They get attracted to the cool and dark atmosphere of the rolled newspaper and use it as a resting place. At the end of the day, collect all of them and dump them in a safe place.

Another oft employed method is the use of vegetable oil or soapy water. The bugs cannot swim out of either. Simply pour some vegetable oil or soap filled water in shallow pans or thin lids; and place them near to potential areas of bug visit. Once the bug climbs down into this liquid, it will be impossible for it to free itself and you can then dispose them off.

Some experts also suggest vacuuming to get rid of particularly large batches of earwigs. However, before you employ this tactic, you must be all prepared. The bugs are going to scatter and scurry in all directions once they feel the disturbance, and so this method requires a lot of patience and perseverance. Once you succeed, empty the contents in a plastic bag which you can secure tightly before throwing it away.

Another potent method of earwig control is to restrict their access to the house. Most of these bugs enter the house through open doors and windows. By sealing of these openings; with meshes, screens, or weather strips; one can ensure that this unwelcome visitor shall be a less frequent guest. It is also a good idea to use putty as a filling for any cracks or gaps what may provide entry to these intruders.

However, if the level of infestation of earwig bugs is so bad that none of the above methods seem to be working; it would be a good idea to take professional help. There are a number of products available in the market – online and otherwise; which can help secure your home.

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