Why You Should Consider Giving Trophies to Your Special People on Valentine’s Day

Flowers and Chocolates are Overrated: 

Whether you’ve been with your valentine’s for years, or this is your first Valentine’s day together, rather than going the boring, traditional route of handing over chocolates and flowers as if there’s somebody prodding you in the back forcing you to do so, why not attempt something a bit more unique and personal, while even choosing to get all your family and friends involved?


It’s well documented that some families give valentines cards and chocolates to other members of their family as a sign of appreciation for them, but you giving fun, personalised trophies to everybody you love in your life (including your valentine) is a great way to add a modern twist to a traditional holiday.

Though there’s no doubt a wide range of advice that couples who have been married for decades would give to newly married couples, top of that list will oftentimes be your ability to keep things fun, ever-changing, and exciting. There’s nothing exciting about flowers and chocolates year after year, but personalised trophies add that certain spice of excitement that will make you a winner in everybody’s eyes this Valentine’s day.

Still not convinced? There are three main reasons why trophies make such a great gift for the special people in your life on Valentine’s day, these being:

1) They’re Personal

Obviously the number one reason why your friends, family, and even your valentine will prefer to receive a trophy this year rather than the traditional flowers and chocolates is because unlike flowers and chocolates which, for the most part, aren’t made to order, these trophies are truly personal as you can add your own messages to them.

As human beings we crave these personal relationships, which is why we denounce anything or anybody who seems impersonal or fake. When going through trophy ideas for your friends and family, consider the following few examples, as this is the sort of thing you’re going to want to look for to really put a smile on their faces:

• World’s Best Husband/Wife: Nobody would fail to smile when handed a trophy with this written across it, especially if you write a little more underneath, detailing what you love about them.

• The Most Loving Mother on Earth: Mother’s often don’t get as much appreciation as they deserve. Show your mother how much she means to you this Valentine’s day.

• The Sweetest Dad a Daughter Could Ask For: Daddy’s girl? No doubt your dad already knows how much you love him, but you can always make it crystal clear by having it engraved into a ‘sweetest dad’ trophy.

• The Best Mate in the Universe: These inscriptions don’t all need to be this clean! Whether you’re giving one to your mate as a genuine gesture, or as a funny joke, don’t miss the opportunity to put a smile on their face.

• World’s Most Beautiful Girlfriend: Every girl loves to be told how beautiful she is, and this means even more to them when it comes from their boyfriend.

• The Handsomest Man on Earth: However much we may pretend otherwise, we love it when our girlfriend calls us handsome, with a ‘handsomest man on earth’ trophy sure to hit the mark with your boyfriend this Valentine’s day.

2) They’re Unique and Unexpected

Not only are these gifts personal, they’re also incredibly unique and unexpected.

There’s a good chance that your valentine hasn’t been handed a personalised trophy on February 14 before, and there’s an even better chance that members of your family haven’t, meaning they’ll be delighted from the moment you hand over your gift, as the experience will be entirely new to them.

If somebody you’re buying one for is known for saying they don’t like surprises, don’t listen to them in this instant. Though it’s true that some people really don’t like surprises (though we cant possibly see why), these unique, high quality trophies are the sort of unexpected surprised anybody would be happy to receive. The only problem is, now your family, friends, and valentine won’t know what to get you next year to top your gift!

3) They Ooze Thought and Effort

As is hopefully clear by the length of this article and all the points that have been raised about this gift idea so far, unlike handing garage flowers and a box of cheap chocolates over to your valentine this year, giving them and every other special person in your life a personalised trophy oozes thought and effort that simply doesn’t exist in the former example.

It’s often said that it’s the thought that counts, and that’s more true in your personal relationships (romantic, friendly, and family relationships) than it is in any other walk of life. In this particular situation, not only are you putting a great deal of thought into your gifts, you’re also giving great, unique valentine’s gifts, which helps your case even further.

In conclusion, rather than going the boring, traditional route of handing over chocolates and flowers this Valentine’s day, why not attempt something a bit more unique and personal, while even choosing to get all your family and friends involved? Trophies for the special people in your life this Valentine’s day will make you a winner in everybody’s eyes as they’re personal, they’re unique and unexpected, and they ooze a great deal of thought and effort on your part.

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