The Core Principles of Nursing 

The Core Principles of Nursing 

The Core Principles of Nursing 


The principles of nursing inform us about the kind of practice people should expect from their nurses. These principles together form the duties of nurses across the United Kingdom. And violation of it can lead to detrimental consequences. In this article, we will be discussing the core principles that govern the nursing profession:


Dignity and Humanity 


Justice imbibed in nursing practice makes sure that all the patients are treated equally. Each patient has the right to receive equal treatment irrespective of the condition or background. They should not be discriminated against based on their personal characteristics, values, or beliefs.


Nursing staff must treat every individual with the utmost dignity and respect. They need to understand the unique needs of individuals, show compassion as well as sensitivity. Moreover, they should provide care to all patients equally. Nurses must act in a manner, which is considered equitable, consistent, and fair with individual rights.


Team Work 


To find a nursing agency in London, you will have to ensure that the unit follows all the important principles. One of the principles that they must focus on is teamwork. Nurses must work cordially with other staff members. This is to ensure the highest standards are maintained in the care facilities to derive the best possible outcomes.




Nurses and nursing staff must take complete responsibility for the care they offer and answer their own actions and judgments. They carry out actions that align with the needs of the patients. Along with consulting with patients, they must also inform the families with regards to the same.




Autonomy refers that the patients have the right to act independently and are in control of their fate. They should be able to make decisions without being controlled or pressured by anyone. Nurses may provide them with relevant information and guide them to take a particular course of action but must not stop them from making their own decisions. Taking a patient-centric care approach is the best way to ensure the same.


Risk Management 


Risk management is another imperative principle that nurses and nursing staff must adhere to. They have to be vigilant about the internal as well as external risk factors. It is their responsibility to keep everyone they provide care safe and healthy.


The actions taken by the nursing staff should not result in any harm or suffering to the patients and must be justified by the ethical judgment and guidance. It encompasses physical as well as psychological harm.


Nurses must adhere to evidence-based practice to mitigate the possibilities of risk.  Nurses must be capable of appraising the risks to their patients and leverage interventions accompanied by treatment to optimize the benefits and minimize the harm.


Promote Good Care 


Nurses extend and promote care that positions patients and their families at the front. They have to be involved in each decision-making process. Also,  they must help the patients make well-informed health choices. This principle is all about the promotion of good practices that benefits patients.

The Core Principles of Nursing 

Nurses should provide complete support to patients during the process of healing and recovery. It stands the same for other care processes that include education and informing patients and administering the medication. They must be able to balance the good and bad a particular treatment can do. This is especially true in the case of administering drugs that have side effects or with patients who need complex care.




Nursing staff move forward by example to develop themselves and other members. This influences the quality of care provided to the patients. They should imbibe an open and responsive working pattern to understand the needs of the individual and provide personalized care.




It translates for dedication, truthfulness, and advocacy towards both patients and other professionals. Nurses must not attempt to manipulate or deceive patients and honor the commitment they have made.


UK Laws and Nursing Obligations 


The law is an internal aspect that determines the relationship between nurses have with their patients. Nursing staff must follow the legal framework and legislation while interacting with the patients. The law in healthcare highlights the minimum standard for care that nurses can deliver to patients.


Moreover, the law defines instances where the obligations to a patient are broken, enabling for the use of sanctions. Laws are also harnessed to address complex care situations in which ethical and professional obligations may go against wider societal viewpoints. It is imperative for nurses to comply with the laws and legislation set by the UK government.


Final Thoughts 


The role of nurses in a healthcare center is imperative. They communicate with the doctor and patients in order to provide the best possible care. The duties of nurses are governed by a set of principles. And above, we have shared core principles that the nursing staff in the UK has to adhere to in order to provide quality care to the patients.


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