5 Super Spices to Enhance Your Beauty

5 Super Spices to Enhance Your Beauty

Beauty may be skin deep, but the effort to make our skin more attractive has never ceased! The cosmetics industry is involved in a never-ending race to bring newer and better products to the market. However, in the rush to get ahead, some companies may use less than savory means to manufacture their products. Like any other product, a cosmetic should be safe and non-toxic to humans. It should not contain ingredients that may cause allergy. But, we find that cosmetics are packed with strange-sounding chemicals. Synthetic substitutes are cheaper than their natural counterparts; hence, cosmetic manufacturing companies prefer to use them and reduce the cost of production.

In such a scenario, it may be a good idea to explore some natural alternatives that are equally effective in enhancing one’s beauty. It may be surprising for some people to find that one’s spice rack contains some potent beauty enhancers.

 Spices to Enhance Your Beauty

1. Turmeric:

This spice has some amazing beauty-enhancing properties. It is well-known for its antiseptic effect. It is also widely used by women to improve their skin tone and reduce the appearance of blemishes. The active ingredient of turmeric is a substance called curcumin, which has been shown to destroy cancerous cells, in culture.

Turmeric is used as an ingredient in many skin creams to prevent the occurrence of pimples. It also acts as an anti-ageing substance, owing to its property of hydrating the skin and keeping it looking youthful and fresh. In addition, it has the power to reduce the growth of unwanted facial hair.

For Oily Skin: You can Add lemon juice and stir. Mix in the yogurt to get a creamy paste. You can add yogurt more or less.

For Dry Skin: You can Mix it with oil and stir slowly. Use paste 2- 3 times for Beautiful and Clear Skin

2. Ginger:

Ginger contains many antioxidants that help maintain the youthful elasticity of skin by capturing free radicals in the body. These free radicals are produced by environmental pollutants and the sun’s ultraviolet rays. Free radicals cause oxidation of the body’s cells, thereby destroying them. By preventing the action of free radicals, ginger acts as an anti-ageing spice. It can also soothe burns and encourage healing. It helps lighten scars and blemishes as well.

It is also known to stimulate hair growth since it increases blood circulation in the scalp. Its antiseptic properties also help fight dandruff. Ginger oil is particularly effective in this respect.

3. Cinnamon:

This spice works by warming the skin when it is applied and improving the circulation of blood. A mix of cinnamon paste and lemon juice can get rid of pimples. Cinnamon helps tighten pores, so it is useful for people with oily skin. Along with honey, it is a potent combination to treat itchy rashes and wounds. It can also be used as a lip plumper when mixed with Vaseline petroleum jelly. Powdered cinnamon acts as a scrub for removing dead skin cells. A mixture of sea salt, cinnamon powder, almond oil, and honey will help smoothen and soften skin.

Cinnamon Oil can be very beneficial for Skin and it is very easy to make. Just take three drops of cinnamon essential oil mix some of petroleum jelly and apply it fine lines on your skin, this will make the lines less visible.

Due to its mode of action, it acts as a tonic for hair. The growth of hair is promoted due to increased blood circulation in the scalp.

4. Fennel:

Fennel seeds contain essential oils such as myrcene and limonene that have been shown to have anti-inflammatory properties. They also contain chavicol that acts as an antiseptic. So, fennel seeds potentially help treat acne, redness, and irritation of the skin. They reduce sensitivity caused by exposure to the sun’s rays. They also have antioxidants like catalyses and peroxides that keep skin looking firm and young.

Since fennel has good digestive properties, it aids metabolism and helps keep skin clear and supple.

5. Pepper:

Black pepper can be used to treat dandruff and revitalize hair. It works by promoting blood circulation. It also has antioxidant properties so it is useful to maintain the youthfulness of the skin. Fine lines and wrinkles can be reduced to a large extent by the regular intake of pepper in one’s food. Black pepper may also be useful in the treatment of vitiligo since it promotes the production of melanin in the skin.

Cayenne pepper can be used as a plumping agent for the lips by adding it to lip balm. However, care should be taken when using it since it can irritate skin if applied in excess.

It may take a while before results can be seen, but the use of these commonly available spices is a far safer and more environmental-friendly way to look one’s best as compared to chemical cosmetics.

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