How Are MRI Centers In Chennai Beneficial?

Since the past few decades, medical science is working its way up in this field.  These advancements, after testing and releasing in the market, begin to be adopted by the hospitals and the pathologies across the world. One such advancement in recent years is of MRI (magnetic resonance imaging. Since every disease cannot be cured by normal treatment, and demand detail study of the particular organs of one’s body. Earlier, the doctor used to prescribe different tests for this brief study through CT scans or X-rays, but later this procedure of studying in detail about a particular disease demanded something more to it. For a medically advanced state like Tamil Nadu, mri centers in Chennaiare growing popularity.

Magnetic resonance imaging or MRI is a technique in which the patient is laid in an electromagnetic field and radio waves are directed through the body. This process helps in detecting the condition of bodily organs with a much clearer view. This image shows up on the screen of the computer attached to the radio-active system. It is a fast process.

How does a mri system work?

Mri is a technique that helps the doctor to get a clearer view of bodily organs and find the defects easily. With the development of MRI system, it is hardly prescribed to opt for other scans because no other scan is as useful as MRI scan.

Mri scan is a radioactive technique created by skilled radiologists where the patient is subjected to an electromagnetic field. Here, a computer is attached to the system. When radio waves are subjected through the body, the clearer view of the organs is shown on the screen of the computer. It takes up to 30 minutes to complete this process.

What are the diseases that can be detected by an MRI scan?

Since MRI scan is used to detect the diseases by obtaining a clearer view of the organs, so almost every crucial and sometimes, if a part of the organ requires to be checked minutely, doctors prescribe this test.

MRI scan is useful in the following ways:

  • Abnormalities in brain cells or spinal cord
  • Other kinds of tumors in different parts of the body
  • Breast cancer in women
  • Abnormalities in liver, pancreas or kidney
  • Uterus abnormality or infertility problem in women
  • Joints injuries like knees and elbows in cases of fracture

What is the difference between Mri scan and CT scan?

CT scanning is a technique that is being performed for many years, even before MRI scans.  The major difference between these techniques is the use of radiations and X-rays. CT scan indulges in the use of X-rays and thus, ionizing the parts. CT scan uses multiple radiations of these waves in order to get a clearer view of images on the screen. Though, the risk of cancer may increase due to intense use of X-rays. Although, with the subjection of multiple radiations, CT scan provides a clearer image of the ligaments or the bleeding in the brain.

Mri scan, unlike CT scan, involves the use of electromagnetic radiations like radio waves. The patient is subjected to an electromagnetic field, and radio waves, unlike CT scan is not used for ionization. Since ionization is harmful to body tissues, so they are subjected to radiowaves which are less harmful and more effective in getting a clear image of body images in the screen. The person when laid in this electromagnetic field, gains magnetic properties as well. After this, the subjection of radio waves helps in achieving a clear image of the organ.

Is MRI scanning cheap in Chennai?

There are around 11 government and 70 private hospitals in Chennai that provides various reliefs to the residents. From the reports as 2018, these hospitals provide free treatment to patients who have an annual income less than 72,000. Chennai is emerging as a cheap medical hub for the citizens and tourists. Medical treatments involving surgeries or diagnosis start from Rs10,000. The rates of this treatment are applied to both, government and private hospitals.

Mri scanning is comparatively cheap in Chennai than other major cities of India. mricentres in Chennai cost the process beginning from Rs 3,500 and vary according to the disease that has to be detected.

Is MRI scan harmful?

Mri scanning involves the use of radiations like radio waves. When the patient is subjected to an electromagnetic field, these radio waves are subjected to the patient that makes the person contain magnetic properties for a particular time. Since the images appear on the screen of the computer without any harmful ionization process unlike other scans involving X-rays, makes it even more popular and less harmful.

How can I look out for best MRI centers in Chennai?

Finding MRI centers is made easy because of the internet. On the internet, you can surf for the best mricentre in Chennaiand various sites provide you with information about the prices and ratings given by the patients themselves. Search for this keyword on your browser and look for the options and comparison in prices given on the net according to your choice and preference. Sometimes, the pathology labs prescribed by the doctors may give you the treatment at high cost.

To help prevent yourself from the scam, search for the centers online and it will provide you with details of the centers according to your financial status. Because the prices vary of each MRI center, so search for the nearest mri centers in Chennai.

How is mri scan helpful to detect cancer?

Mri scanning involves the introduction of electromagnet radiations like radio waves, that do not follow the harmful process of ionization. When radio waves are subjected in the body, it gives a clearer view of the affected area like detection of excessive cells and tissues in the organs. Due to this, the images are displayed on the screen. These images are more clear and minute in comparison to other scans.

Following are the types of cancers that can be detected by MRI scan:

  • Breast cancer
  • Uterus cancer
  • Bone cancer
  • Brain tumors
  • It is also used for chemotherapy of cancer patients

Therefore, this is how MRI scanning is helpful in Chennai, and you can find the best mricentre in Chennai.