These Few Tips are the Key to a Positive Outcome in an Emergency Situation

Key to a Positive Outcome in an Emergency Situation

There are few things worse than finding yourself in a serious emergency situation. Not only do you need to find a way to control your fear, keep calm, and think rationally, but there are also a number of things that you need to do to ensure that the outcome is as positive as possible. Emergency situations can range from natural disasters, car accidents, severe injuries, and so forth. But, regardless of which emergency situation that you are in, to mitigate the disaster, keep in mind the below tips to keep calm and prevent the situation from getting out of control.

How to Keep Calm?

Key to a Positive Outcome

Keeping calm in an emergency situation is the best thing that you can do because it allows you to properly assess the situation and understand exactly what needs to be done. When it comes to keeping calm, there are a number of strategies that you can undertake. First, take a second to stop and breathe. Slowing down the pace of your thoughts and heart rate will allow you to survey things more clearly. Second, encourage others around you to stop panicking so that you can delegate tasks that need to be done to make sure that everyone is safe.

Call for Help

Once you and everyone around you are as calm and collected as possible, you want to find a safe place and call for help. Contacting emergency services such as 911 response or using an available alarm system are both good choices. When speaking with emergency services, cite your location, emergency, and stress the importance of a speedy response. In addition to emergency services, it is also beneficial to reach out to a family member to let them know about the situation and your location. These steps are perhaps the most important steps and they nearly guarantee your safety.?

Assess What You Have?
Another tip to keep yourself calm and collected and to best keep safe in an emergency situation is to know what you have at your disposal. For example, some very important things that are very useful in an emergency situation are food storage, a cell phone and charger, a flashlight, any necessary medications, a first aid kit, basic tools, a lighter, water, blankets, tarps, rope, foil, duct tape, shoes, extra clothing, and cookware. Each of these items are extremely useful, especially if you are stranded somewhere or cannot reach someone for a certain period of time. They will also help you stay collected and not stress over how you’ll survive.

In a Medical Emergency?
Medical emergencies are a bit different than regular emergency situations like natural disasters and accidents. Medical emergencies are situations where one individual is suffering from some sort of trauma or injury. In a medical emergency, keep calm by breathing and composing yourself for a second, but also understand that your actions may be especially time sensitive. If you find yourself in a medical emergency, your calm and composed demeanor will help you keep the victim as comfortable as possible. If you panic, the victim will panic too. People usually follow by example. Right after you contact an emergency dispatcher and calmly explain the emergency and your need for help, do your best to keep the victim awake and perform first aid if necessary and you are able to do so.

No matter what emergency situation you find yourself in, keeping calm can mean the difference between a successful and unsuccessful outcome, which is why you always need to be calm. When the body and mind are not calm, you tend to think irrationally and your logic does not function properly. Therefore, by breathing properly, helping everyone understand the situation, calling for help, and assessing what tools you have at your disposal, you can raise the chance that the outcome will be as positive and successful as possible.


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